We are building solutions for tomorrow´s agriculture.

Mimiro is an independent Norwegian technology company established by TINE SA and Felleskjøpet Agri.

We are developing digital solutions for a more effective and environmentally-friendly food growth and production process. In 2019 and 2020, we will launch new apps for Norwegian farmers, with a simpler interface and greater insight to continually improve production. At the same time, we are building a digital ecosystem to improve land use and aid external suppliers, researchers and advisers. Mimiro was awarded with the Agriculture Innovation award 2019.

All the data in one place

Today´s digital solutions for agriculture do not communicate with each other, and are not strongly enough based on the farmer´s needs.

Mimiro develops products and servies based on optimization and analysis of the farmer’s data. Our solutions shall be easy to use and give the farmer specific advice they can act on. End-to-end decision support is the fundamental idea in everything we develop. An important principle for us is that the farmer owns his own data.

Digital Ecosystem

Mimiro creates an ecosystem for data that researchers, advisers and external service providers can make use of.

Mimiro will cooperate with all parties that add data or other user value. Data that the famer wants to share anonymously becomes available for external service providers, who can use that information to deliver better services back to the farmer. Mimiro hasalready from day one a significant user base of farmers who are using existing solutions.


Wherewould Norwegian agriculture have been without the ability to stand together?

Agricultural technology creates enormous possibilities. Sensor technology, smart telephones and artificial intelligence will soon change the entire business model. Now it is more important than ever to think about what is most useful and profitable use of our land – and what benefits each individual farmer.


Backed by TINE and Felleskjøpet, Mimiro was established to take the two companies´ years of experience into the future. Our mandate is to build on our history and develop new solutions for tomorrow´s agriculture.

Mimiro will develop services that make the farmer´s data relevant, in a whole new way. The goal is to shape flexibility and strength in agriculture by connecting the different segment actors together.


Many know about TINE´s digital solutions for milk producers today. This work continues in Mimiro, with the ambition of encompassing the entire farm business. Most farmers have additional production and a strong need for a comprehensive overview. That´s why farmers and experts are brought even more closely into our development process. We secure value and subject expertise.

Access to the farmer´s data builds a basis for creating innovative services that create user value. We offer access to enormous amounts of data that can be used to develop products and services, but also serves as a unique basis for researchers.

United, the Norwegian farmers are sitting on gold , in the form of data. We will manage, develop step by step and care for this valuable information in a safe and sure way.


Mimiro is based on extensive knowledge of agriculture, combined with deep functional experience with cutting edge technology. Product owners, all with expertise from agri, work together with leading designers and developers to create applications that are user friendly and designed to meet the needs of the future farmer. We aim to be the best environment in the global agriculture space for experts in user experience design, cloud-based applications, internet of things and data security.

In order to build a robust and scalable solution for applications created for the future farmer, we partnered with Amazon Web Services. We are continually pursuing opportunities to leverage the component-based technologies for functional domains like internet of things, security and machine learning. We aim to create a solution that is flexible, cost efficient and built for the future.


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